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A formal court proceeding is required in Illinois in order for a guardianship to occur. A person is appointed to be the guardian over another person because the Court has determined that person can no longer care for his/her self or manage his/her affairs.

Guardianships are granted over minors, disabled persons and the elderly who can no longer care for themselves. Guardianships can be either over the person or property or both and can be limited in duration or permanent. It is important that the Guardian be trustworthy and willing to act in the best interest of the person who can not protect him/her self.

We understand the delicate issues involved in making a decision of this magnitude. We listen to all family members and strive to accomplish the family goals by working cooperatively and compassionately with you.

Residential Real Estate Closings
Conventional purchase and sale of real estate. Short sales and foreclosure defense. 

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
Under Federal Law, Chapter 7 eliminates most debts through the sale of assets, allowing you and your family to rid yourselves of creditors and collection agencies. We understand all the fine points of bankruptcy law and will work fast to get you relief from substantial debt.