11 Divorce Related Blogs

Here's a list of blogs that are devoted to various aspects of divorce.  Some provide helpful information, others are humorous.  In order to make the list, there had to be posts within the past 21 days.  There is no significance to the order of the list. I am sure there are others, but I like these blogs.

Blogs for Women:

1. Woman's Divorce.com:  Articles on divorce from different points of view.

2.  Better After 50 (BA50):  This blog is not solely related to divorce, but there are many useful articles in this online magazine for women who are divorced or divorcing.

3. Divorced Girl Smiling: Popular and regularly updated blog from Chicagoland.

4.  Divorced Mom's Blogging Network: Women blogging about all aspects of divorce.  You can find what you are looking for here.

5. Iamdivorcednotdead.com:  One woman's journey of sexuality as a single divorced mother of 3.  Good for women who are wondering If there is life after divorce.

6. Judith's Divorce Blog:  Enjoyable musings from a UK solicitor and writer who also happens to be divorced.

Blogs for Men:

7.  Men's Divorce Blog:  News and almost daily updates on divorce that is devoted to unique issues facing men who are divorcing.

8.  Men's Divorce Planning Blog:  There is a lot going on here.  Most of the information is good, but none of the entries are dated so it's hard to tell when posts were made.

Blog for Everyone:

9.  Lou Penza dot come:  financial blog not exclusively related to divorce, but much of the content is relevant. It proves that finances and fun can go together.

10. Texas Divorce CPA (.com):  Although geared towards Texas divorces, most of the topics are general interest articles. A recent entry discussed whether or not divorced boomers who have found love again should live together vs remarriage.

11.  Enlightened Divorce Blog:  This blog has thoughtful in-depth articles on the law from a California point of view.  I like the authors' honesty about his desire to get clients.